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Liquid-LMS – Learner Management System is designed with the aim to give Intitutions (School/College/University) the best System to handle all their administrative activities with ease and accuracy, whilst saving them lots of time & efforts.

Liquid-LMS System connects each department of the Intitution so as to provide them with better information sharing, easy retrieval of information, which proves helpful for Intitution management to take prompt decision. It is user-friendly System that allows smooth flow of information within the Intitutions administrative department.


School/College Administration

The school administration is the most important part of school. Managing school day to day activities is very difficult for the school administration department. Liquid-LMS helps to educational institute to reduce the time and maintain school data accuracy. The school administration module contains master values as configuration to retrieve data in other modules. Users can create pre-structures in advance which is helps to complete various tasks in some clicks.

Admin can add, update, delete and maintain all school related data by school administration module. Admin can give particular rights or access permission to particular user for different module in school administration System. With the help of Liquid-LMS school admin maintain all data, create a various pre structure formats, generate customized reports, add or delete school or branch information etc work will be done easily. If you have more than 1 educational institute you can also manage all the institute data in a single System and it is password protected so privacy level is very high.

Student Administration

The admission process is very difficult to manage, but when you are using Liquid-LMS Leaner Management System school can easily maintain whole admission procedures with paperless and time saving. Student admission is a mandatory part of any school. Admission module provides a student admission process in four simple steps which are Form collection, Registration confirmation, fee collection and admission confirmation.

Student admission System is basically providing easiness to collect data about each and every student at the time of admission. Easily add the student academic and personal data with required documents which can be scanned and store in Liquid-LMS. You can also generate the fee receipt or various miscellaneous fees in advance at the time of student admission. Liquid-LMS lets you generate student cards for all students, admin and lectures in a single click.

Student Accounts and Finance

Maintainance of school is very difficult for the school also fees collection of student is the most important responsibility for the school. With the help of school fees collection System Liquid-LMS school management easily collect student fees by filling in a single form. School fees collection System offering flawless fees collection task in definite way.

During admission time school can add or fill all the required details of student which can be helpful to create various reports and also easy retrieval of the data as per requirement. Liquid-LMS provides facility to print fees receipt during admission time or new semester time. Fees collection can be possible in Debit Order, Cash, Cheque, POS, EFT, Money Market (Shoprite, Checkers, OK, Post Office). With the help of Liquid-LMS you can easily manage student fee collection and maintain fees related data.

Student/Staff Attendance

Attendance taking and tracking is time consuming and tiring task in school. In many school attendance marking still performed manually, and there is a greater chance of error to fill student attendance. The Liquid-LMS school attendance System makes relief from manually work of attendance fills. Attendance module is user oriented and user-friendly for teachers.

The main benefit of attendance System is it reduces use of paper and maintain accuracy. Teachers can also use the web portal to mark attendance register or use Liquid-LMS App to scan their student card which automatically saves the data on the web portal. You can manage school staff and student attendance easily with the help of Liquid-LMS which is connected to the school web portal so parents will see student attendance anytime. The Liquid-LMS school attendance System provides instant alerts about student absences via SMS/Email to their parents. Liquid-LMS is also testing Automatic Attendance with the help of bio-metric attendance machine for student and as well as employees.

Institution Human Resources

HR management is a core part of any organization to handle human resources. With the integration of Liquid-HR, Liquid-LMS provides efficient, accurate functionality which is managed by HR of the organization. Basic functionality like leave management, disciplinary, payslip, salary management is available in the Liquid-LMS Leaner Management System.

Major modules are accessible for HR manager by module access permission. HR department easily maintains Staff attendance in-out time information accurately. Payroll calculation is quite difficult for any organization, but with the help of an Liquid-LMS HR management module you can easily calculate salary of staff on the basis of leaves, allowances or deduction.

School/College Time-Table

Time management is very important to run any organization smoothly. Teachers usually spend a lot of time in timetable management. The timetable is a basic entity to create and manage schedules in school. The School Timetable Module provides efficient, customized time table schedule for Classes, Tests and Examinations. Liquid-LMS provide things like shift information and lecture duration pre structure. Generate schedule for all staff members for various classes of associated courses on a particular day and periods. Changes can be easily be made in the timetable when necessary situation. The Liquid-LMS Parent Portal allows parents to see their children time table of Class, Test and Exam schedules at anytime and anywhere.

Bulk SMS / Email For School/College

There are chances of occurrence of disastrous or emergency situation at that time of school and management need to communicate to staff, student and parents at the same time so for this Best way to communicate with them Liquid-LMS provide school Bulk Email and SMS facility.

School can send SMS/Emails about absence of particular student to their parents. Birthday messages can be sent to Staff and Students. When ever some emergency lock down situations, daily information updates, change of schedule for sports team’s events or school’s buses, weather related scheduling changes etc occur then school can send bulk SMS/Email to the students and parents at the same time.

School/College Accommodation

Accommodation management is crucial part of the college operations and effective system should be in place to keep it managed and make easier for students to get the accommodation facility. The college accommodation management module of Liquid-LMS makes both these things possible by offering a supreme set of features. The System maintains records related to students lodging, their meals, room transfer and other hostel facilities. Students will be able to apply for accommodation facility online and the system will deal with all the proceedings and check the room availability and automatically complete the procedure. Students can also posts available accommodation if they looking for Rooomates

Various Utilities

Liquid-LMS provides various other utilities like calculator, notepad, data backup facility etc. In utilities there are various settings available for Fees, SMS, Emails, Salary, Holidays, Attendance, Transport etc. User can change settings and get the output as per requirement.

Various Reports

The outcome of any product is the most important thing because it will directly relate to user. The Liquid-LMS system generates an outline of all modules in the form of reports. The System generates various reports like fees collection, student result, student/staff attendance, salary reports, account, student progress report etc. User can predefine the report structure which can show header or school logo or address in footer etc. The report card module allows your school to print your student report cards directly or mail. Liquid-LMS includes a number of reports available very easily and printable on any printer. Some of them are as:

Admin can add, update, delete and maintain all school related data by school administration module. Admin can give particular rights or access permission to particular user for different module in school administration System. With the help of Liquid-LMS school admin maintain the all data, create a various pre structure formats, generate customized reports, add or delete school etc work will be done easily. If you have more than 1 educational institute you can also manage all the institute data in single System and it is password protected so privacy level is very high.

Admission form, Fee structure, Leaves Assigned, New admission report, Student Fee, Leaves Granted, Selected Student List, Due Fee, Timetable for students and Teachers, Student Details, Exam Details, Employee and Student Attendance, General Register, Student Marks, Payroll, Class-wise students, Class-wise marks, Accommodation Details, Roll No. Generation, Employee Details, Activity Details, Allowance and Deductions, Behavior Details etc

Parent Portal

Now a day’s use of the Internet is very rapidly used by the people. Liquid-LMS create an online web portal for the student and mainly for the parents. The online student management system provides web portal which benefits for parents to track information about their child/student. A parent can get updates about their student time to time. Liquid-LMS is directly connected with online system so users can easily upload the student data anytime. Student data can be easily synchronized from offline to online through school management System.

Liquid-LMS is bridged between teachers and parents to update the student information. Every student has a unique login and the students parents have their own login to the web portal. On the web portal parents can view student information, timetable, exam schedules, accounts and various reports. Parents can compare their child results with the class average which is a most important fetcher of the online parent web portal.

College Dashboard

Courses Management

Lecture Management

Data Management

In any organization with plenty of data need to manage in a way which reduces redundancy and duplication. Liquid-LMS Data Management module provides a user-friendly solution to manage data efficiently on some clicks. Liquid-LMS is basically designed for collecting data about concern staff and student in school. School database module allows adding, updating and deleting data, provision of student and employees. School database module also allows managing different data of allowances and deductions for different staff members. This school record System can use easily to search student and their data using various filters. Data management module stores all information in a central database which can be extracted as per requirement. Students, employees as well as student parents’ academic and personal both data can be stored in Liquid-LMS.

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